Attention! Fair usage policy updated!
Our ISP Fair Usage Policy is designed to make sure your broadband service is quick and reliable whenever you use it.

A very small number of customers use Peer to Peer, file sharing software, and etc., which constantly sends and receives video and other very large files, throughout the day. This type of activity uses a lot of bandwidth and can significantly reduce the speed at which other customers can access the internet during peak hours. Approximately 1% of customers use more than 30% of the available bandwidth. We don't believe this is fair to the vast majority of our customers.

This fair usage policy automatically identifies the very small number of extremely heavy users and manages their bandwidth to protect the service for all our other customers.

We think this is the fairest approach. It protects the quality of service for the vast majority of our customers when they most use the service.

Also different account types decided as "heavy" in different manner, you can upgrade type of account, and system will let you download more, without throttling your speed

The speed affected customers experience when downloading will therefore depend on what these customers are doing. If they are all web-browsing and reading emails, they will experience normal broadband speed. If on the other hand they are using Peer to Peer or file sharing software they will experience slow broadband speed. Also system checks load of user each hour, so customer status will be changed back to normal, if he become heavy, but then he decreased bandwidth usage.

Attention, Fair Usage System is not same as "quota" or "traffic" limitation, system is dynamic, and much more "soft", less restrictive for internet users. It will not limit your speed, after you become heavy, it just will move you to another class/priority of service
You agree not to permit anyone else to use your Account and that each Sub Account may only be used by members of your household. You agree that the Service is not to be used to trunk or facilitate public internet access (?Hotspots?) or any other Public Use of the Service.
You can read also article, related to UK, but useful for lebanese customers also.